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This practical guide will help practitioners and architects to effectively build and design scalable data platforms. It uses a hands-on approach to implement the right use cases for search, security, and observability-related problems while providing the right best practice guidance for a successful deployment.
  • Configure Elasticsearch clusters for various architecture patterns
  • Ingest data into Elasticsearch using Logstash, Beats, and Agent
  • Build visualizations and dashboards for your data on Kibana
  • Use machine learning jobs for anomaly detection
  • Design intuitive search experiences on top of Elasticsearch
  • Build end to end observability of your IT infrastructure
  • Correlate logs, metrics and traces to detect and remediate issues
  • Use Elastic SIEM to detect and respond to security threats
  • Leverage Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) with Elastic SIEM
  • Learn architectural best practices to build Elastic solutions
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Overview of chapters

This book is organized into 13 chapters to help you learn how to best leverage the Elastic Stack for your use cases.

Chapter 1

Introduction to the Elastic Stack

Chapter 2

Installing and Running the Elastic Stack

Chapter 3

Indexing and Searching for Data

Chapter 4

Leveraging Insights and Managing Data on Elasticsearch

Chapter 5

Running Machine Learning Jobs on Elasticsearch

Chapter 6

Collecting and Shipping Data with Beats

Chapter 7

Using Logstash to Extract, Transform, and Load Data

Chapter 8

Interacting with Your Data on Kibana

Chapter 9

Managing Data Onboarding with Elastic Agent

Chapter 10

Building Search Experiences Using the Elastic Stack

Chapter 11

Observing Applications and Infrastructure Using the Elastic Stack

Chapter 12

Security Threat Detection and Response Using the Elastic Stack

Chapter 13

Architecting Workloads on the Elastic Stack

Asjad Athick

Asjad Athick

Security Specialist at Elastic

Asjad works with customers across Australia and New Zealand to help them observe and understand their IT environment. This visibility allows for the building of robust threat detection, prevention and response capabilities enabling organizations to defend themselves from cyber-attack.

Before working at Elastic, Asjad worked in the telecommunications space to build security capability, helping analysts identify and contextualize unknown security threats. Asjad also has a background in application development and technology consulting, working with various small business and start up organisations across Australia.

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